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Our Facility

The Whole Team

NTSupply Headquarters

Centrally located in Greenwood, Indiana. Our 68,000 sf facility can serve over half of the United States with standard 2-day delivery service.

The Whole Team

The NTSupply Team

The NTSupply team is dedicated to offering exceptional service to over 3,000,000 customers worldwide.

The Warehouse

The NTSupply Warehouse

At NTSupply, we stock what we sell. Over 98% of orders are shipped the day they are received.

The Warehouse

Order Processing

Utilizing only the most current technology & equipment, we are able to quickly and accurately ship thousands of orders each day.

Working Hard

The NT Kitchen

Possibly the best part of working at NTSupply is the fully stocked kitchen. NTSupply team members and guests have access to a complimentary salad bar, snacks, soda fountain, and coffee/

Working Hard

A Friendly Team Environment

NTSupply is committed to providing an exceptional environment for its employees. Our team enjoys onsite pool, ping pong, basketball, as well as other fitness activities and a locker room.